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3D PRINT PROTOTYPES is a company dedicated to the services of 3D prints for all users. 3DPP offers a wide selection of pre-made 3D models ready to print, 3D design of simple and professional models as preparation for 3D printing, 3D scanning services for personalized models and 3D printing of models and prototypes as soon as possible for all users.

On our site you can find the largest selection of pre-made unique models printed with latest technology in 3D. Our designs are printed from the highest quality ABS and PLA materials which allows them photorealistic and detailed look without losing color. In our offer you will find 24 colors from ABS (soft plastic) and PLA (hard plastic) materials, which provide our customers with a wide range of possibilities for creating their own requirements.

Materials used for printing are not dangerous to humans, do not contain toxins and hazardous substances which enables the use of our products for all purposes.

For business-oriented users, we offer our services for designing simple and complex models to prepare them for 3D printing, 3D scanning for personalized models and 3D printing of any kind of models in shortest amount of time. If you want to improve your own business and shorten the cost of making prototype models 3DP is the company for you. 3DPP allow its users to convert ideas and models in to reality.